All children in England up to the age of 18 years old must be in full time education. Once a child is 16 years old they may choose to attend a 6th form college to continue their academic course work and prepare for their A level exams or they may attend a vocational programme.

For details about the British academic curriculum visit the government website here.

To locate schools near you, input your post code here

Comprehensive information about Camden schools can be accessed here

Families4Peace has an online tutoring program called Prepsters which supports secondary school aged students in years 7 to 11. Sessions are offered on a first come first serve basis to qualifying students. For more details please visit our Prepsters website.


There are a few programmes which have recently announced free places for Ukrainian students and scholars. Please check the links below


Reading University News

University College London

Oxford University

Financial support for university aged students

Below are some resources for financial support for displaced students wishing to attend university.

Displaced Students

Student Action for Refugees

University support for Ukrainians

Support for students from Ukraine in UK higher education

School guide

UK Secondary School Guide