Private Renting

This How to Rent guidebook has information about renting property privately in England.

Universal Credit recipients may be able to claim the housing element of Universal Credit if they are renting from a private landlord and are named on the tenancy agreement. More information about this can be read here

Housing costs vary in different parts of London. This website may be a helpful tool for locating affordable rental property in London.

Social housing

Social housing (government subsidised) is difficult to access. Many councils have strict residency criteria. For example, In Camden, a resident seeking public housing must have lived in Camden for 5 of the past 7 years (see criteria here).

There is a chronic shortage of social housing in London. Even after qualifying for social housing, long waits of several years are not uncommon. There are some exemptions to this rule which you can find here

Housing Emergency and Homelessness

If you are at serious risk of becoming homeless, you will be eligible for homelessness assistance from local councils. Anyone worried about this in Camden can contact Camden’s homelessness prevention team

For further advice contact the Homelessness Prevention team (link above) or Citizens Advice Camden

If you have a housing emergency and need a temporary place to stay, please contact United for Ukraine (Єдині для України)