Homes for Ukraine Sponsors

Families4Peace offers support, advice, advocacy and guidance for Homes for Ukraine sponsors in the NW London area.


Hosting a refugee can be an enriching, life affirming experience. It can also be a challenging one. Families4Peace recommends present and would-be sponsors prepare themselves, their families and their homes for their guest’s arrival. To help do so we’ve collated this short list of resources.

The government’s official guide for Homes for Ukraine sponsors can be found here

You may wish to create a welcome letter and a list of important house rules for your guests to help manage both your and your guests’ expectations of the hosting arrangement.

Below is a list of charities that offer support, advice and online workshops for hosts:

Reset UK

Reset UK empowers volunteers to welcome refugees into communities across the UK. They offer a range of support for those host refugees in their homes or as part of a community hosting network.

Refugees at Home

Refugees at Home matches generous hosts with a spare room with asylum seekers and refugees in need of emergency and temporary accommodation. They offer a range of resources and advice for refugees and hosts.

The Sanctuary Foundation

Offers resources and online training. Their online refugee support course for potential hosts is recommended:

Refugee Council

A national charity offering an array of important support for refugees


Advice on finding a new host has been published by the Government and can be found here

Should you no longer be able to host your guests the government has published a list of organisations who can help guests find a new host here.

Please inform your local council if your guests want to move to another area of the UK. This is very important, as your council will need to agree this with the council in the new area to arrange thank you payments.

If your guests wish to move into rented accommodation

Many people from Ukraine are now in a position where they want to live independently in their own rented accommodation. There is lots of support and advice available to help them do this. It can be found in English, Ukrainian and Russian here:

For detailed housing advice see housing under our refugee section.